How to Leverage Instagram for Your Brand or Business
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How to Leverage Instagram for Your Brand or Business

How to Leverage Instagram for Your Brand or Business

Instagram is unlike any other social media platform because it relies mainly on visual storytelling, which is something most people digest easier and faster than other forms of storytelling. With millions of users that log on daily, brands and businesses have an avenue to tell a visually compelling story that describes how unique they are. Instagram allows for moments captured in time to be shared as a peek into anyone’s life, but how can it be used for business? In several ways. Take a look below.


Set Your Intentions.


Ask yourself what Instagram can do for you and your brand or business. Will it help you gain brand awareness? Increase traffic to your site? Or reach a new audience? Once you’ve figured this out, you can begin to craft your Instagram profile in a way that will best help you achieve those goals. Pick one or two that can be executed using visual content that’s appropriate for Instagram.


Build Your Profile.


Just like on any other social media platform, you need to be easily identifiable and searchable. Choose an account name (you should probably go with the name of your business or brand). Pick a high-quality and appropriately sized photo that will still be clear when reduced to 150×150. Your profile picture should be simple. If you are your business or brand, use a professional photo. If you have a logo or brand symbol, use that.


Pick a Theme.


Choose storylines that align with and are authentically matched with your brand that can best be told through pictures. A theme is more than visual and having pretty colors. Create content for posts that follow your theme and makes for unification, but also remains consistent. Work with a team or learn from other brands to produce great photos and videos.


Be consistent.


Never start a campaign or begin to promote your business on a platform and then fall off. Create a timeline with content that you can schedule and commit to posting. Your content can follow either pre-made or custom themes. The brands that grow fastest post and engage multiple times a day. Keep your content consistent, but adjust it for all platforms.




Instagram users like connecting with brands, with more than 60 percent of users following a brand, according to Iconosquare. You must engage with both current and potential consumers to bridge the gap. Humanize your brand, and connect. Address both positive and negative comments to show that you can handle both praise and criticism. Create an open line of communication to create a meaningful relationship with users.


Elevating your brand or business on Instagram is no different than any other social media platform, but Instagram presents a unique opportunity to visually appeal to your audience. Spend time creating interesting visual content for your audience to promote your products or services. Engage with your audience and give them something that is presented in a way that gives a sense of your brand’s identity from a different point of view.