Four Innovative Instagram Improvements for Your Brand
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Four Innovative Instagram Improvements for Your Brand

Four Innovative Instagram Improvements for Your Brand

Instagram can bring in HUGE benefits for your brand and business. This is in part because, unlike its text-driven competitors, Instagram really appeals to the visual sense in order to get and keep people interested. As one of the largest social media platforms, Instagram has great potential for business who want to show it or their brand (or them) in a different light. Instagram captures moments in time through photo or short video in addition to other features, all of which you can use to your own, your brand, and your business’s benefit.


Here’s how:


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


More than 50 million photos get posted on Instagram daily. That means that those photos should be high-quality photos that can visually appeal to the viewer. The Instagram audience wants to see nice, well-taken pictures. Make use of the filters and tools that Instagram has to apply to your photographs. These effects give the Instagram “look.” Just don’t go overboard with them. Post pictures of authentic, beautiful moments, and capture it in a context that aligns with your brand’s identity.


Short, Fresh Text is Best


Keep captions short and sweet. Use no more than three hashtags so they don’t detract from your post. Be creative in your efforts to get your audience engaging with you. For example, ask people to “caption this” on your picture to get some great comments and audience interaction going on.


Tag Yourself In


Use the tagging feature and include the location of your photo or video if it adds to the story of the image. Tag others too! Use the “Add People” feature to tag other accounts in your image so that you and your brand or business can reach a broader audience.


Commenting and Liking


Use hashtags, locations, and photos you’re tagging in to find others’ images of your brand and engage. Talk with people who follow you or other people in your industry that you follow. Spend time to like and comment other post besides your own. Spread love!


There’s more to Instagram than filters and fleeting videos. Instagram has caught the attention of several brands, large and small, and in turn those have captured the attention of their audiences. Instagram’s visual impact has made a big impression and has become an essential tool for brands and businesses with a story to tell. Dig in your heels, and do it for the ‘gram!