Five Brilliant Ways to Take Your Brand to Twitter and Win
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Five Brilliant Ways to Take Your Brand to Twitter and Win

Five Brilliant Ways to Take Your Brand to Twitter and Win

Twitter is a conversational social media platform that allows free discussion between any and all users. Twitter presents the opportunity for people to reach a global audience that includes both current and potential customers and professional partners. You can use Twitter to build meaningful connects inside and outside of your industry with a relevant and engaged audience.

Twitter is more than gifs, memes, and hashtags. Focus on creating great, high-quality posts that will benefit you, your brand, and your business while simultaneously keeping your audience engaged over time. Use these five tips to get the most out of Twitter for you, your brand, and your business.

Keep It Short

Twitter’s main form of communication is a “tweet,” which are short 140-character blurbs, meaning you don’t have a lot of space to be verbose. Short, concise tweets make an impact. If you’d like, include an external link if you have a longer message but it will count against your character limit, so use it wisely. To get your tweet seen by many eyes, rework and reword them and tweet them four different times to reach a different set of people.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are short, powerful tools that allow you to create or make your way into relevant, interesting, and engaging conversations. They’re used in tweets to appeal or target a common, trending topic or a theme. Use hashtags to find new voices and expand your conversation past your timeline and network of followers and followings.

Take Advantage of Retweets and Replies

Twitter is about conversation and that means including other people. Positive feedback, interesting commentary, and helpful articles are up for Twitter to see. If it aligns with you and your brand or business, it can be impactful. Also, don’t be afraid to get into the conversation with replies. Engagement is key and you don’t have to be invited to the party to attend. Show up and start talking!

Use Your Words

Google’s Keyword Planner will help you find keywords that are relevant and make up your industry or market. It is okay to get into existing traffic instead of scrambling to generate a new buzzword or hashtag. There’s already traction in existing conversations — tap into those first.

Two Ears, One Mouth

Listen and research first before you speak. Just like offline (you know, in the REAL world), it’s better to listen twice as much as you speak. Stick to that if you want a strong follower base that is engaged and will remain as such. If you want to emerge as an expert or thought leader, jump into the conversation when you know the topic at hand.

Twitter is a fast-growing social media network, not trailing too far behind Facebook. Thankfully, Twitter is more than just a platform for selfies and mindless hashtags; it’s also one that businesses – big or small – can use to grow. The site’s nature, which makes for quick two-way communication as well as content that can be gone in a flash, means that you will have to focus on creating relevant and interesting content for your audience to see. It also means engaging with others in your industry or niche and positioning yourself as an industry authority. Stick to these tips, and you’re sure to succeed.